The OCP Board (voted in at the Annual General Meetings) is made up of volunteers from the community that come from many different backgrounds. Some have been in Port Kembla all their lives while others are relatively new to the area bringing in knowledge and enthusiasm. As the demographics have changed, so we are seeing younger people and new faces making Port Kembla their home.

Where once no-one wanted to live in Port Kembla, now there is a change in the atmosphere as people are realising, that Port Kembla while it is an older suburb and an industrial town, has actually many wonderful attributes: the geographic layout with beautiful beaches, the many green open spaces, wide streets, older style shop fronts, large blocks and a feeling that we are a quiet oasis in the middle of a busy city. The people of Port Kembla also have a strong sense of community.

The board fulfils its mission and vision statement by harnessing the skills, talents and diversity of the local people to support and create opportunities through active involvement to create new ideas so all may participate fully in community life and be part of creating change in the local community.

The board employs several staff to run the different projects that are put on at the centre and in the wider community. The management committee try to work closely with the staff to fulfil their job roles and to see that the projects run according to plan.

Whether you have been a long term resident or are a new resident it is a great place to connect with others and have a say in your community, not only to share ideas but to work together to make Port Kembla a unique suburb.

The Board - thought by Ann Martin are Ann’s views of Port Kembla and the Board of Our Community Project