garden & PERMACULTURE groups

The overall aim of the King George V Planting Program is to enhance

the park by providing shade, aesthetic benefits, seating, walking tracks and habitat for native fauna, through planting programs where the community can become involved.

We believe that this will not only increase the ownership of the park by community but will also provide opportunities for education in sustainability.

The planting activities provide opportunities for social interaction across the community and the end result will be a place that people in the community will be more inclined to use for social interaction.

The program supports a weekly Bushcare group and annual school planting day, with additional opportunities to support special events such as National Tree Day, Trees for Mum and 350 day for climate action.

If you would like to be involved please email

The group are all volunteers from the local area and everyone is made welcome. They meet each weekend usually on a Saturday morning. If you can spare anytime even once a month your time will be greatly appreciated.



The laneway project is about the gathering of local community members, reclaiming unused land and applying permaculture techniques to grow food, friendship and knowledge.

Over the past 10 years the laneway has been transformed from unused grassland that constantly needed mowing, into lush productive community gardens, habitat for native wildlife and community spaces.

Working bees organised when needed.  So if you are interested, please call the community centre on (02) 4276 3433.


Sadly our garden at Cringila Park is no longer.  After numerous fires and destruction, Wollongong City Council has taken back this land.


Check out the History of the garden at: