Weekly Veg Box



Local, seasonal, chemical-free veg


Green Connect sells a weekly Veg Box, packed with locally grown, seasonal, chemical-free veg.

Sign-up now. It's the delicious way to help tackle some of the biggest problems in our community. Green Connect is a social enterprise that works to build a community-driven model of urban sustainability, that creates jobs and cares for people and planet. One of the things we do is  grow chemical-free veg locally to reduce food miles, build food security, and create jobs in our community, particularly for resettled refugees and young people.



This Veg Box is available based on a community supported agriculture system. You sign-up and pay for 3 months (13 weeks), and we grow chemical-free veg. It's a system that creates a direct relationship between you and a local farm, so that we work together to build a more sustainable community.

A Veg Box costs $40 per week pick-up from our farm in Warrawong, or $45 per week to pick-up from the Flame Tree Community Food Co-op. Potatoes and onions come from Foodies, and the rest comes from our farm in Warrawong. To order just call Green Connect on (02) 4243 1537 or email will@green-connect.com.au.



Each week you'll get at least 10 different herbs and veg, including:

  • Onions, and other alliums like leek

  • Potatoes and other root veg like carrot and beetroot

  • Leafy greens like kale and lettuce

  • Flowering veg like tomato and zucchini

  • Legumes like beans and peas

  • Herbs like parsley and basil