Who we are

Jenny Briscoe-Hough  

General Manager​


Adrianne Talbot-Thomson
Community Development Coordinator

Tania Mastroianni

Culture Bank Wollongong

Ann Lehmann

Jam n Bread Facilitator

Tina Howard

Admin and NILS Consultant

Pam Thorton

Finance Manager

Sri Pasztor


Misty Gurtala

Nils Consultant

Anne Steyer

Nils Consultant

Amy Sagar

Funeral Director

Jade Kelly

Funeral Director

Susan McMurdo

Casual Funeral Director

Lisa Brunt




Our volunteers are an important part of Our Community Project (OCP).  Our Board and all of our Port Locals programs are run by volunteers, and our other programs are supported by them.



If you would like to volunteer, please contact OCP on (02) 4276 3433 or the

Volunteering Illawarra website.